Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Beckoning Back Through Obama

In a recent New York Times editorial, Ms. Dowd writes insightfully regarding the recent clashes of presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Indeed, this far into the contest, Barack Obama has shown a great aptitude for remaining calm, remembering his motivations for getting involved in politics, and not hitting below the belt.
I will admit: I am a person who believes in the possibility that we might actually elect a leader here in America who cares more about the state of American lives than about the self--a leader who would want to serve and not simply garner power.
My idealism--before it seeps too far into ignorance--is based partly on an upbringing in which my parents always voted. After a long day at work in a Hartford Insurance building, my Dad made it a priority to vote whenever voting was possible. As well, my mother talked about it often, and made sure to be present to make her belief tangible via the machines at Town Hall.
I remember watching them with an almost surreal fascination. Deeply, I believed that my parents actually chose who would govern our town, state and country.
Everywhere we can be infected by negators to such a (childish...innocent...or possible?) belief. I am not immune to such infection, and went through a phase during which I refused to read, watch or listen to anything political.
I've changed. I've circled back around to the way I felt when I watched my parents grab their coats and walk out the door on a cold February New England night. Perhaps, my innocent beliefs as a child have in some way become invigorated by the words of Mr. Obama. His example, his ideas and his authenticity beckon me back to a place where I believe in what might come to pass, in what we still might make of America.