Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reflections on Rain, Marriage, and Children

Jennifer and I have had ample time to go on long walks in the morning, late morning, early afternoon, afternoon, evening, and pre-bed nighttime walks.

You may have already guessed it: Tyler loves the outdoors. If he is ever fussing, we simply throw him in the backpack--a cool sort of outdoorsy thing which allows Tyler to be on my back at the level of my head and grab fistfulls of my hair when he gets really psyched about something--and out the door we go. Interestingly, Tyler's seemingly insatiable desire to get outside and walk has afforded Jennifer and I lots of time to talk, connect, dream and laugh together. Today was one of the most fun walks we've had: it began pouring as we walked, and we simply decided to keep on chugging along. Tyler squealed with delight and Jennifer and I found ourselves laughing in glee as we became soaked by the cleansing wash of warm rain on a midsummer's day.

Soon, Jennifer and Tyler and I are heading to the Adirondacks for our first family vacation. There is a waterfall there--called Roaring Brook Falls--at which I camped the night before I drove back east to ask Jennifer to date me. That night, alone in the woods with no company other than the moon, the stars and the sound of the rushing falls, I remember hoping she would say yes.

We'll go back there and tell Tyler that he's here because--in no uncertain terms--his mom said "yes."

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