Wednesday, March 16, 2011


As someone who loves stories and believes deeply in the power of words, I am so incredibly proud of my son right now. (Well, I am proud of him no matter what, but right now, my pride in him wants to swing dance around the tiny study in which I write.)

It is 7:12am now, and my two-year old has been telling a story in his crib for a while now. I will share his story, as it comes from his mouth (at the risk of including far too much information):

Look, everybody! Wow! Water coming: shusshhh shuussshhhh shuuusshhhh! Here you go, Karate Kid and Mr. Han. I found an uptruck for you. Mr. Han...I know Karate Kid and Mr. Han, you on DVD! Eat some food, yup we can do dat one. Let's go! Let's go Mr. Han and Karate Kid, let's go! I know, look! WOW! Oh, look, there's one! Daddy and Mommy coming in everybody, they wait at door, and come in a minute. OKAY! Let's go, everybody! Let's go! WOW! OKAY! You ready for DVDs? Yeah, I ready for DVDs! Whhooooooo! Ready, Daddy? Let's go!

Tyler's words, above, are the most beautiful ones I've encountered in a long time.

Being a Daddy has been teaching me to see the story in our words, the words in our hearts,a nd the joy that dances within both.