Monday, June 6, 2011

Two Ways of Looking at the Event of a Bird Pooping on Your Head

1) Ugh.

2) You leave for the library with your son in his stroller, eating a homemade, completely-real-fruit popsicle but, as you are just about to shut and lock the door, you decide that you should bring along your baseball cap with you. Just in case, you think. Just in case of exactly what, you aren't sure, but it is worth pushing the door back open, craning over your son in the stroller to reach your cap, grab it, and put it on before making the fifteen minute walk to the tiny, one-room library. En route, you hear it before you feel it atop your head. The slight squirt, then the splash landing. You take off your cap, check out the white poop, and then replace your cap. It hasn't gone through, and you'll wash it off later when you return home, a few picture books heavier. You smile.