Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One True Thing from Chris Reynolds: One Trunk

Chris and I during an adventure to Washington, D.C--
in the office of Senator Chris Dodd

When I was in the eighth grade, I started running with my brother Christopher. I had never gone more than a mile before, but on my first run with Chris, he challenged and encouraged and inspired me to stay with him and make it the whole 3.5 mile loop. Ever since then, Chris has been a mentor, a best friend, a role model for living with passion and hope, and a partner on various (crazy?) dreams. Chris and I hiked Mt. Washington together, ran the London Marathon together (finishing with excruciating pain but holding hands), and partook of many French Toast Nights, where we would make 30 or so slices of french toast for dinner and then, well, eat them for dinner.

Chris has an infectious sense of humor and a depth of contemplation and love that amazes me. He is married to the lovely Mandy Reynolds, and they have two delightful sons Caleb and Evan. Chris is a social worker with the State of Connecticut, and counsels deaf people in their vocational and personal journeys. Chris is a man with incredible insight, remarkable compassion, and unconditional love. So I'm thrilled that my brother Chris shares this first guest post in the ONE TRUE THING series...

One Trunk
by Christopher Reynolds

Life works with or without our permission. We have many beliefs and comforts that we dictate. Others do the same. We have, rather fortuitously, created an amicable landscape in which these things thrive. However, the problem is when we meet up with each other. Life doesn't care. 

Our reactions are infinite commodities to a finite entity. Entropy pervades in the guise of well-meaning thinking, a charlatan hiding in bright sunlight. 

So we go, a sense of eternity in our minds but forgetting that our Creator is the tree to which we hang on as leaves. So many branches and one trunk.