Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From Verizon or God?

Tyler loves getting the mail when our postman, descending from his red Royal Mail bike, saunters to the door and pushes a few letters through the mail slot each day. Tyler's two-year old feet pitter-pat themselves to the floor where the letters fall, and he picks them up with glee, commencing to rip them open with joy at the hope of finding a cool picture, the letter "O," or, at the very least, various colors.

His love for the mail began with Christmas, when picture cards from people began arriving. Tyler loved learning the names of these people, and helping us decide where to tape them up on the wall. We even had to tape up a brochure sent to us from our bank because, after all, there was a picture of a man on it, and surely, that man from the bank would want us to have a Merry Christmas (as well as notify us about added security measures for online banking).

Today, a letter from Verizon flitted through the mail slot, and Tyler ran to retrieve it. Ripping it open, he cried out, "OH! OH! Look at 'dis one!"

He then put the letter on the ground, traced the words with his finger, and smiled.

"What does it say, T-Man?" I asked him.

Without hesitating, he began again at the top of the page and read aloud to me, "Dear Jesus, Thank you fo' Mommy-Daddy-Tyler...Gruffalo...Blue's Clues...Bob Builder Ball...O...O right here...THE END."

I laughed, and saw that the letter actually came from Verizon, alerting us to the fact that our American phone lines had been disconnected satisfactorily, and that, when we should need American cell phones again, would we please contact Verizon?

Hands-down, I like Tyler's version of the letter far better.