Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting Back to Play (Or, On Using Different Voices as Coolness Personified)

Having the chance to spend tons of time with Tyler, I find myself regularly employing four different voices, pretending to be an alligator, Bob the Builder, Baloo the Bear, or any number of uptrucks (commonly referred to as "diggers").

It's hard to imagine what life used to be like before this kind of playfulness--before it became 100% acceptable to talk about poopie in public constantly, to shout to the moon in the sky, and to pretend that a lady bug has a mission that Tyler and I need to help her accomplish.

So it was with joy that I read Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovitch's recent contribution to the Spilling Ink website, entitled "Playing Ourselves into Wide Open Spaces." It is a beautiful piece, filled with awesome ideas for writers and artists--and people who want to live life remembering that's it's still important to play (which is all of us). Check out her this incredible treat by the author of 8th Grade Superzero here! I promise you'll feel wildly inspired to live better after you finish it. (And, you may even find yourself dancing to the music in your head.)